Famous Rum Runner- “The Real McCoy”

Famous Rum Runner

William “Bill” McCoy

  • “Founder of Rum Row”-A series of boats that served as bars and platforms for wholesale.

  • Nickname “The Real McCoy” for not “cutting” his alcohol with any  other substance. His alcohol was always said to be very pure.

  • Sea Captain in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Had more than five boats during his height as a rum runner. Most famous boats were the Tomoka and the Henry L. Marshall.

  • Made $100,000 on average every month while running rum.

  • On November 24, 1923, “Bill” McCoy was arrested and then incarcerated for nine months. Bill was released on Christmas Eve of 1925.

  • After being arrested, “The Real McCoy” retired on his left over rum running earnings and never worked another day, again.



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