Famous Mobster- Frankie Yale

Frankie Yale

Frankie Yale- Forgotten Mob Boss

  • Frankie Yale was born in 1893 in Italy.
  • Original Frankie shared the family name of Ioele, but when his family immigrated from Italy when he was 7 the pronunciation became difficult in his new country.
  • Frankie was the owner of the Harvard Inn prior to the Inn burning down in a massive fire.
  • Yale made the majority of this money handling the distribution of Canadian whiskey into the Prohibition bound country which was the United States.
  • Much like Al Capone, Johnny Torrio took Frankie under his wing and taught him the business.
  • The rival gang was the Irish White Hand Gang.
  • Frankie was hired many times to leave New York and to carry out a hits (murders) in Chicago.
  • Frankie Yale was killed on July 1, 1928.
  • He had received a phone call that something was wrong with his wife and that he needed to return home immediately. This was only a plan.
  • Frankie was ambushed on his way home and gunned down in the street, by men suspected of carrying out orders for Al Capone.
  • Following his death, Frankie received one of the most lavish and elaborate funerals in mob history.

Source: http://www.myalcaponemuseum.com/id35.htm


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